Arbitrary Marks

Arbitrary Marks are names that typically exist in our regular popular vocabulary, but have nothing to do with the goods or services for which they are used. The connection between the mark with the particular category of goods or services should appear to be random. Examples include APPLE for computer, BEEFEATER for gin, COMET for kitchen cleaner, and JAGUAR for a car.

Additional Sources

An arbitrary trademark is usually a common word which is used in a meaningless context (e.g. "Apple" for computers). Such marks consist of words or images which have some dictionary meaning before being adopted as trademarks, but which are used in connection with products or services unrelated to that dictionary meaning. Arbitrary marks are also immediately eligible for registration. Salty would be an arbitrary mark if it used in connection with e.g. telephones such as in Salty Telephones, as the term "salt" has no particular connection with such products.