The word Venue used as a legal term actually has the same meaning as in regular English except that in a legal context it typically refers specifically to the location of a hearing. As an example, when a criminal case has a very high media profile (lots of news articles, TV news reports) in a particular city, a judge may change the venue to another city to ensure objective witnesses and an objective jury.

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The locality or political division from which a jury is called and in which a trial is held.

Duhaime Legal Dictionary

Location or proposed district of a judicial hearing. Dictionary

The proper or most convenient location for trial of a case. Normally, the venue in a criminal case is the judicial district or county where the crime was committed. For civil cases, venue is usually the district or county which is the residence of a principal defendant, where a contract was executed or is to be performed, or where an accident took place. However, the parties may agree to a different venue for convenience (such as where most witnesses are located). Sometimes a lawsuit is filed in a district or county which is not the proper venue, and if the defendant promptly objects (asks for a change of venue), the court will order transfer of the case to the proper venue. Example: a promissory note states that any suit for collection must be filed in Washington County, Indiana, and the case is filed in Lake County, Indiana. In high profile criminal cases the original venue may be considered not the best venue due to possible prejudice stemming from pre-trial publicity in the area or public sentiment about the case which might impact upon potential jurors. For these various reasons either party to a lawsuit or prosecution may move (ask) for a change of venue, which is up to the discretion of a judge in the court where the case or prosecution was originally filed. Venue is not to be confused with "jurisdiction," which establishes the right to bring a lawsuit (often anywhere within a state) whether or not it is the place which is the most convenient or appropriate location

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Venue is the legally proper place where a particular case should be filed or handled. Every state has rules determining the proper venue for different types of lawsuits. For example, the venue for a paternity suit might be the county where the mother or the man alleged to be the father lives; the suit couldn't be brought in an unrelated county at the other end of the state. The state, county or district in which a lawsuit is filed or a hearing or trial in that action is conducted is called the forum.

Merriam Webster

The place from which a jury is drawn and in which trial is held.