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Ethanol giant Poet settles lawsuit against former employee
Sioux Falls-based Poet has settled a lawsuit against a local engineering firm, bringing more than two years of litigation to an end, the ethanol giant announced ...
Updated: 06/18/2019 12:03P

Father of Sandy Hook Massacre Victim Wins Defamation Lawsuit Against Shooting Deniers
The father of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre won a lawsuit against the authors of a book calling the shooting a hoax.
Updated: 06/18/2019 11:08A

Court allows a class-action lawsuit against VA for the first time
A federal court for the first time will allow a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs to move ahead, a move that legal experts said opens ...
Updated: 06/17/2019 04:16P

Comedian Wins $4.1 Million in Lawsuit Against The Daily Stormer
The comedian and writer Dean Obeidallah has been awarded $4.1 million in a lawsuit he filed against The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website that published a ...
Updated: 06/17/2019 08:11A

A black Boeing employee found a noose over his desk. Now he's suing the company
An African-American Boeing employee has filed a federal lawsuit against the aviation company alleging racial discrimination after he said his coworkers hung a ...
Updated: 06/16/2019 05:45P

Colorado hospital faces lawsuit from dozens of patients over 'severe infections' causing at least 1 death: ...
Dozens of people sued Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver on Saturday, a year after the Colorado hospital said reported “breaches” in sterilization procedures ...
Updated: 06/16/2019 05:08P

Lawsuit Expected Next Week in Response to Universal Music Fire
A law firm representing Universal Music artists affected by the 2008 fire that destroyed many master recordings is expected to file lawsuits.
Updated: 06/14/2019 05:41P

Cole County judge dismisses second referendum lawsuit
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — In an uncommon move, a Cole County judge gave the boot to a second lawsuit seeking to overturn the secretary of state's rejection of ...
Updated: 06/14/2019 04:05P

US drugmakers file lawsuit against rule requiring drug prices in TV ads
U.S. drugmakers on Friday filed a lawsuit to prevent the companies from disclosing the list price of prescription drugs in direct-to-consumer television ...
Updated: 06/14/2019 03:37P

Lawsuit against Amazon says Alexa records children’s voices without consent
A lawsuit seeking class-action status accuses Amazon of using its Alexa voice assistant to create "voiceprints for millions of children."
Updated: 06/14/2019 02:50P

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