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Criminal defense lawyers question crime in case of Dallas officer who killed neighbor
Some criminal defense lawyers believe it will be difficult for the Dallas County District Attorney to prove a crime was committed in the case of an officer shooting and killing her neighbor. Amber Guyger has been charged with manslaughter in the death
Updated: 09/12/2018 12:06P

Multiple Criminal Defense Lawyers see no crime in Off-Duty Officer shooting
“It's an interesting read,” criminal defense attorney George Milner told CBS 11. ... “If it was a reasonable mistake of fact, that's an affirmable defense that is going to weigh into this thing very heavily,” criminal defense lawyer Robert Hinton told
Updated: 09/12/2018 11:23A

Chicago Attorney Vincent A. Luisi, Jr., Joins Elite Lawyer Founding Members
Attorney Vincent A. Luisi, Jr., of the Luisi Legal Group, has been selected as an Elite Lawyer Founding Member. Chicago attorney Vincent Luisi is the president and founder of Luisi Legal Group, a criminal defense law firm. For more than a decade, he
Updated: 09/12/2018 11:01A

EXCLUSIVE: Experts Say, 'Throw out Cosby Conviction'
... it either occurred in 2003, which would mean the statute had already expired when charges were brought against Cosby, or the alleged assault didn't happen at all. “A judge plays many roles in the courtroom,” said criminal defense attorney, Joshua
Updated: 09/12/2018 04:30A

Tom Mesereau Talks MJ, Cosby, Unconventional Choices
A few weeks ago, just days before what would have been Jackson's 60th birthday, I spent an hour on the phone with the lawyer who achieved that feat for the man who moonwalked. .... But Mesereau signed on: “I decided I am a criminal defense attorney.
Updated: 09/11/2018 09:27P

Rippy Gag Orders Used To Soften Criticism Of GOP Judges: Opinion
JOLIET, IL — It's practically unheard of for judges at the Will County Courthouse to issue gag orders to ban the prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys from talking about a case with the press. ... Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow filed
Updated: 09/11/2018 08:08P

Appeals court disqualifies Judge Brian Iten from criminal cases
... Manatee and DeSoto counties. He is being replaced on the bench by criminal defense attorney Maria Ruhl, who won by a 14-point margin. During his campaign, Iten touted a parade of endorsements from state attorneys, county sheriffs and police chiefs.
Updated: 09/11/2018 05:56P

Brad Koffel Selected to the List of the Best Lawyers in America 2019
He has been included on this list every year since 2008, and was named the DUI/DWI Defense 'Lawyer of the Year' in 2017. Along with successfully defending numerous clients every year, Koffel frequently addresses continuing legal education programs for ...
Updated: 09/11/2018 05:54P

Lancman, Legal Aid Condemn ADA's Browder Comments
On World Suicide Prevention Day, Monday, Tina Luongo, the attorney-in-charge of the Criminal Defense Practice at The Legal Aid Society called on Queens District Attorney Richard Brown to condemn the remarks made by Quinn on behalf of his office.
Updated: 09/11/2018 05:45P

Throw Out Cosby Conviction, Legal Experts Say
“America should be outraged,” said Dallas attorney Paul Saputo. “This kind of information is called 'Brady evidence,' which means evidence that tends to show that a person is innocent.” Like numerous others who reacted to a Black Press exclusive on ...
Updated: 09/11/2018 05:37P

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