Lawyers Advertising with vanity 800 Numbers for their Attorney legal marketing campaign: How it works

Attorneys, obtain vanity toll-free numbers associated with your law firms services. offers 800 vanity toll-free numbers and toll-free services for your legal office. Vanity toll-free numbers help lawyers reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their clients free and easy telephone access to their services. With there are no complicated long-term contracts for your attorney marketing plans. You can end your vanity toll-free service anytime. We do ask that you please give us 30 days notice. Our 800 toll-free service allows lawyers advertising across the country to share the same toll-free number, while offering your law firm exclusive rights to the vanity toll-free number for calls originating in your city, state or country.

For the lawyer advertising with a vanity toll free number, there is no need to install and pay for another phone line. The 800 number will be set up to ring directly to any existing phone line that you choose during our online setup process. If you move in the future or get a new local phone number, you can definitely change to a new ring-to number at no additional charge. You would just send us e-mail with the new ring-to number and we will make the change to your 1800 services within 1 business day. The attorney vanity toll-free numbers can be setup so you can only receive calls placed within your home city, state and/or surrounding states or country.  This custom 800 toll-free service setup allows for your law firm to easily establish a directory of local clients, without the hassle of receiving toll-free phone calls from clients that you can’t serve.

Lawyers Advertising with the 800 Vanity toll-free numbers can be used for:

  • New Clients - nothing stands in the way of a potential new client when the call is free and the legal toll-free 800 number is easy to remember.

  • Client Referrals - When a lawyer does their advertising with a vanity 1800 number, little stands in the way of clients referring their friends and colleagues by telling them to call 1-800-INJURY or 1-800-LAWYER. You will build client loyalty by troubleshooting client problems.

  • Toll-Free Faxing - Make it easy for your clients to send their faxes with our vanity toll-free 1 800 numbers.

  • Future Business - An attorney advertising with our vanity toll-free services will have happy clients that will reward you with additional business.

tollfree800legal offers:

  • assistance in selecting and setting up vanity toll-free numbers. You can cancel your 800 service anytime. We do ask that you please give us 30 days notice.

  • setup to any existing phone line. no need to install and pay for another phone line. Our vanity Toll-free number can ring to any existing phone line that you choose, including your existing business line, your home phone, cell phone, etc. If your law firm moves or if you open a new law office, then you would contact our client service department and we will change the toll-free number to ring to the new local number that you designate.

  • advanced routing features include the ability for a lawyer marketing to route toll-free calls to different locations at times you specify. You can take advantage of these features to route your vanity 800 number calls to a 24-hour call center or voicemail when the law firm is closed or not around or weekends. For example, if your law firm is closed on the weekend, you can have the toll-free 800 calls on Saturday and Sunday routed to your call center or to a voicemail.

  • low cost 800 toll-free telephone service through its relationships with telecommunications service providers; Only 9 ¾ cents per minute--any time, any day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all interstate toll-free calls. Low monthly fees for the 800 number.

Feel free to BROWSE through our categories until you find the toll-free number that best fits to you and/or your law firm.  You can also widen your search for the 800 number by typing in selected keywords in our search box on the top bar. Our database will then bring up a list of possible vanity toll-free numbers that may match your law firms' expertise.