tollfree800legal Referral Program

For every law firm that you refer--- get monthly commission checks!

Join the tollfree800legal Referral Program and get paid commissions every time the lawyer you refer uses our vanity 800 numbers and vanity toll-free service for their attorney marketing campaign. This program is great for those that do not have a web site. If you have a web site CLICK HERE for our top rated affiliate program.

  • tollfree800legal will pay a referral commission to any person/company who refers an attorney that uses the tollfree800legal vanity toll-free services for their advertising. You will be paid every month based on their use of our 1 800 services and any toll-free number from our website. You can earn an up-front $25 for each new lawyer that signs up for the toll-free 800 services AS WELL AS 5% of every month’s bill for as long as the lawyer uses the vanity 800 number service.

  • Referring Party must complete the form below. This form must be received from the referring party prior to the 800 number inquiry by the prospective attorney advertising.

  • The Referring Party must have made the prospective lawyer advertising aware of the availability of tollfree800legal services. This will be confirmed by tollfree800legal.

  • tollfree800legal will make the sole judgment of whether a referring party is due a referral commission.

  • Referring Party is automatically paid by check after every calendar quarter. Checks are written for accounts with balances of $100 (U.S. Dollars) or more. The checks are mailed within 45 days after each calendar quarter.

  • There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as a Referring Party. Start referring today!

By completing and submitting the referral form below, Referring Party agrees to the above terms:

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